Artists Without a Cause

Diana Arce

Diana committed to working as an artist and researcher when her law professor intervened, encouraging her to pursue her love for the social sciences through her art. She has a BA in Experimental Film and Cultural Studies from Hampshire College in Amherst, Massachusetts and an MA from the Institute for Art in Context at the University of Art, Berlin, Germany. In 2007, she developed Politaoke, a non partisan political speech karaoke bar which was one of the catalysts for the founding of Artist Without A Cause (AWAC). After presenting the project at Tactical Technology’s Infoactivism Camp in 2013, with the encouragement and support of other participants, Diana announced plans for creating AWAC.

Diana has exhibited and performed her work internationally as well as lectured about her work as well as multicultural representations in the museum context. She is primarily interested in multicultural representations, political and social critique and creating personal works to engage audiences and encourage dialog.


Haley Holsather

Haley is Berlin-based artist, writer, and designer with a penchant for long and disorienting walks through the city. Her encounters with contemporary Berlin, particularly empty spaces —the symbolic and physical absences of regimes, abandoned structures, and ruins informed  Eine Insel in leerer Luft, an exploration of how political transition is enacted in the built environment. She is also interested in the power structures of memory and the organization of urban space, particularly what we don’t remember or choose to forget.

She holds a BA in art history and cultural journalism from Hampshire College. She also draws sometimes.


Ricky Major

Ricky is a student and artist studying at Hampshire College in Amherst, Massachusetts and will be receiving her BA in May of 2020. She mainly focuses in photography but also has an interest for environmental ethics and sustainability. For the summer semester of 2019, she is studying in Berlin at Freie Universität through an abroad program at her home university. During her time in the city, she is focusing on art, activism, history and environmentalism through AWAC, university courses and independent projects.

Ricky’s photographic projects tend to focus on the unnoticed details within environments, both urban and rural, using a slight mix of deadpan and americana styles of photographing. She finds herself gravitating towards photographing the oddities she stumbles upon when roaming around different places within Berlin and areas back in the US. For instance, in previous projects such as Remnants (2018), she deals with human disturbances within urban spaces and focuses on traces left behind by people who once used to inhabit that space. Along with photography, she also enjoys working with collaging and drawing in her spare time.