March 11, 2015
Anastatia Spicer

Hello from Anastatia Spicer, the new addition to AWAC’s Team

My name is Anastatia Spicer, I’m currently studying in Berlin and am hopping aboard the AWAC team during my time here. I’ll be blogging for the next few months focusing on events and talks primarily in Berlin that cross section both art and politics. Additionally, I will post updates on the projects we’re working on here at AWAC!

Anastatia Spicer

I understand art as vehicle providing unique platforms for presenting questions and the tenacious conversations that eventually take place. I’m interested in creating work which engages and builds community and is focused more on inciting experiences with those around you rather than object production. I’m currently drawn to fiber sculptures, drawing, and performance as mediums of my own artistic practice. If you’d like to see some of my work,  you can find it here.

I grew up between Massachusetts, USA and South-West England. I study a mixture of art, history and social justice organizing at Hampshire College in Western Massachusetts and am currently on exchange at the Freie Universität in Berlin.

I’m looking forward to being in conversation with you, so if you have comments/feedback or just want to say hi, catch me at