September 25, 2014
Diana Arce

#OKFest14 Update: Juliani’s latest venture needs your support

Juliani, one of the amazing musicians we had the joy of working with during OKFestival, is looking to give back to Nairobi’s community and foster the development of local musicians, artists and entrepreneurs.

His new project, Dandora: The Hip Hop City, will create a space for young people to develop their artistic talents and earn a living, while additionally providing a platform for discussing local issues and supporting key messages in regards to health, education and the environment. They’ve already secured a location and are looking for funds to get the space up and running – go and donate today!

Don’t take our word for it though, listen to Juliani talk about his philosophy and why this work is important.

The talent is already there and Juliani and his team are the perfect group to foster these new voices and help bring up the next generation of socially and politically engaged artists. We can’t wait to be introduced to the new crop of AWAC artists!

Go now and support Dandora: The Hip Hop City!