July 3, 2014
Brigid Pasco

OKFestival Artist Spotlight: Diana Arce’s Politaoke

Politaoke_netzkultur_48 copy

On Tuesday, July 15 at 18:00, AWAC’s founder, Diana Arce, will present Politaoke LIVE! Politaoke, Arce’s signature project, is a “Political Karaoke” event in which participants are given the chance to respeak contemporary political speeches in any way they choose. Ranging from hilarious to awkward to highly elucidating (sometimes all three at once), Politaoke is always engaging and illuminates the many ways that (mis)information can be spread by politicians and public speakers. As with musical karaoke, the audience can see the text of the speech and follow along with what the reader is (or isn’t) saying.

Arce holds a BA in experimental film and cultural studies from Hampshire College (USA) and a MA in Kunst im Kontext (Art in Context) from The Universität der Künste (DE). Her background in both visual/performance art and social sciences has led her to create work that invites audiences to engage themselves in critical reflection. She hopes to open dialogues and cross the boundaries of blind faith in systems of power. Many of her works deal with issues of migration, borders, and the presence of the past, and she often utilizes public or non-gallery space in order to create a more direct relationship with the public.

Politaoke is a non-partisan project and utilizes texts from the entire political spectrum to open debate. Anyone who wishes to can submit a speech to be used in the OKFestival via this form.

The workshop will take place on Tuesday, July 15 from 18:00 – 21:00.

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