July 13, 2017
Haley Holsather

Politaoke Is Back in Berlin! Upcoming Dates for Summer/Fall 2017

2014 Open Knowledge Festival in Kulturbrauerei, Berlin Gregor Fischer, www.gfischer-photography.com

2014 Open Knowledge Festival in Kulturbrauerei, Berlin Gregor Fischer, www.gfischer-photography.com

Just in time for the upcoming German election and in the spirit of all of the recent political theatrics, Politaoke returns once again to Berlin for some nonpartisan fun. The first of a few rapidly approaching shows happens on Friday July 14th at Cafe Fincan, in partnership with Festival Offenes Neukölln and supported by AWAC and European Alternatives Berlin. Offenes Neukölln is organized by Bündis Neukölln, and Politaoke is one of around 100 events and actions during this weekend-long celebration of an open, unified, and diverse Neukölln. Politaoke has been hard at work in preparation for these upcoming events and hosted a 12 hour Speech-a-thon on June 30th where groups of dedicated volunteers found, transcribed, and prepared a large assortment of new material throughout the day. Thank you for all of the hard work!

We’ll also be supporting three shows at Aquarium bei Südblock spanning from the end of this month until September 21st, so there will be plenty of chances for you to deliver a speech just like some of the most important politicians, or just pull up a chair and laugh along for the evening!

You can check out individual links to the shows here:

July 14th at Cafe Fincan Neukölln

July 27th at Aquarium bei Südblock

August 24th at Aquarium bei Südblock

September 21st at Aquarium bei Südblock

Want to take part?

Passionate about Politaoke? Want to see Politaoke near you? Here are a few ways to get involved:

Grab the mic!

Everyone is welcome to join in at one of the upcoming shows, but what if you have never done karaoke? No fear! Just pick a speech from a selection of German and international politicians and topics and take the mic when your name is called. Don’t worry, you don’t have to sing, unless you want to of course!

Partner up!

Are you an artist, part of a collective, or part of an NGO?

Politaoke recently received a grant courtesy of the fine folks at Center for Artistic Activism to train one lucky partner anywhere in the EU who wants to bring Politaoke to their community! If you are interested, email Politaoke to learn more. Also, check out what happened in Austria  when Politaoke partnered up with Digital Spring Media Arts Festival last year: You too could have this much fun!

Submit Speeches!

Since we’re drawing closer to some important elections, and political shenanigans are never-ending, Politaoke is always welcoming suggestions for speeches to include in the program. If there’s an extra-spicy piece of rhetoric that you have your heart set upon appearing in the program, send full speeches to the Politaoke team here.


Can’t make it to the show?
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