July 8, 2014
Brigid Pasco

Submit a Speech for Politaoke at OKFestival!


Diana Arce is still accepting/soliciting speech submissions for her OKFestival Politaoke (Political Karaoke) Session! Anyone can submit any political speech they would like, from any political party, whether or not they plan on attending the upcoming event. Arce is working towards open-sourcing the Politaoke project to make it even broader in scope and further open up the dialogue(s) that the project was designed to spark. Any and all input will greatly contribute to the development of the project.

To submit a speech, simply complete this form. We’re excited to see what you come up with! Please note that, while speeches are always accepted, only speeches submitted before the 12th will be used in the upcoming OKFestival due to time constraints.

Politaoke is a non-partisan, multi-language project in which participants are free to read political speeches from across the spectrum of ideas and affiliations. It operates in the style of karaoke – a list of speeches is provided and individuals are free to choose how and what they read in front of an enthusiastic audience.

Politaoke at OKFestival will take place at 18:00 on Tuesday, July 15.
For more information on the OKFestival schedule, please click here.