August 30, 2015
Diana Arce

Upcoming Events with AWAC Fall 2015

Handing out European Crosses of Merit to citizens who have helped refugees cross borders.

Things have been pretty busy over the last few weeks and we are preparing for a few major projects that are coming up in the next few months. So far this summer, we’ve lent our support to a great action from our friends at Peng! and I participated in a performance workshop in Podum, Croatia sponsored by Mikub e.V. where we looked the scars resulting from the Croatian Wars in the 1990s. You can find some documentation on the Mikub Facebook page and hopefully there will be more to come. Here are just some of the places you can find me either representing AWAC or MCing our project Politaoke.


September 1st & 2nd: Radical interventions: re-imagining border and migration struggles within academia and activism. 2nd Conference in Critical Border and Migration Studies @ Queen Mary University of London, United Kingdom.

September 24- 27th: Social Innovators Connected  in Rome, Italy.

November 6th: Politaoke @ Dortmund Theater to celebrate the opening of Peng! Collective‘s new project, Die Populisten.

November 27th: Politaoke @ Academie der Kunst der Welt in collaboration with Desearch Repartment‘s Morefair Democracy in Cologne, Germany.

Feel free to come by and say hello! I will also be have some time around the dates to meet with interested parties, potential collaborators and fellow artists. Drop me a line at diana[at] to schedule a meeting.